4 Tips For Pairing Chocolate With Wine

Pairing chocolate with wine is such a nice delicacy to indulge in after dinner. Wine and chocolate especially make a great gift for a special occasion. However, it only works great if you pair it correctly. Here are four tips to help you pair the right chocolate with the right wine:

1. Choose a Slightly Sweet Wine: To keep this as simple as possible, you will want to choose a wine that is only slightly sweet compared to the chocolate. This way, none of the flavors are too overpowering. When the chocolate is sweeter, it makes the wine more enjoyable to drink after each bite of the sweet chocolate. If the chocolate is not sweeter, then the wine might be indulged in too heavily compared to the chocolate when it should be the opposite. 

2. Keep Richness the Same: If you are choosing a light wine, then you want to choose a light chocolate, such as milk chocolate. If you are choosing a heavy wine, such as a bold red wine, then you want to choose a heavier chocolate, such as rich, dark chocolate. Otherwise, one flavor is going to be much too heavy compared to the other. 

3. Go to Tastings: There are plenty of wineries that provide wine tastings with chocolate. This way, you can see for yourself the importance of each wine and chocolate texture to ensure that they are perfect matches for one another. You can even sign up for online sites that sell wine to send you small samples of chocolate to go with wine you are ordering. This way, you know what chocolate to pick up in the full amount the next time you go to buy the same flavor wine.

4. Go Healthy for a Regular Habit: If you are going to make chocolate and wine a regular dessert of yours, the best thing to do is to go "healthy." Dark chocolates and red wines are definitely the healthiest options since they are considered to be heart healthy foods. And how convenient is it that red wine and dark chocolate make the perfect pairing? This is also a great gift option for the health nut in your life. 

When you consider these four tips, you can be sure that you more successfully pair chocolate with wine. This way, you can impress those you are gifting or hosting in your home with your ability to perfectly match these two delicacies. 

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