Ready For The Perfect Summer Get-Together? 4 Tips For Throwing A Beer-Tasting Party

Now that summer is here, it's time to start planning get-togethers with friends. Instead of planning the same old summer get-togethers, take it to the next level and plan an event that your friends will always remember. If you and your friends enjoy a good beer, plan a fun tasting party. Here are four suggestions to help make this party a success.

Make it Intimate

When it comes to tasting parties, less is always more. You want to create an atmosphere that allows for open communication in a relaxed atmosphere. You want to make your tasting party an intimate encounter for you and your friends. If you have a significant other, invite a few other couples to enjoy an evening of beer tasting. If you're single, make it a singles night gathering.

Offer Unique Options

Once you have your guest list determined, you'll need to choose the tasting options. Choose several different and unique options that will tickle the palates of all your guests. It's a good idea to purchase ales online from companies like HWC, since there is such a wide variety of choices available.


To get the evening started, you want to begin with a crisp pilsner. This will help open up your palate and get you ready for more unique flavors.


Once you and your guests have enjoyed the light, crisp taste of the pilsner, it will be time to move on to the fruity flavor of a classic ale.


To finish off the evening and really wake up your palate, offer your guests the rich, smoky flavor of a rauchbier.

Add the Appetizers

An evening of beer tasting isn't complete without a full array of appetizers. To please your guests and accentuate the flavors, be sure to choose appetizers that will compliment the beer. Some good choices for appetizers include soft pretzels, fresh fruit, and sliced cheeses. Be sure to keep the flavors representative of the beer you and your guests will be sampling.

Create Tasting Stations

To make sure beer choices don't get confused, you'll need to set up tasting stations. Set up specific stations for each tasting choice you'll be offering. Set tasting glasses at each table, along with bottles of your samples. It's also a good idea to leave note pads and pencils at each station so that your guests can take notes about the beer they're sampling. If your guests will be using the same glasses throughout the tasting, be sure to provide fresh water to rinse the beer out after each sample.

Don't throw the same old summer get-together. Use the tips provided here to plan the perfect beer-tasting party for you and your friends.